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GPS beacons



GPS positioning systems

with long-lasting marks After the success obtained in the application of these beacons in the port sector to locate buoys, We launched this technology for all types of industrial applications, Logistics and in the field of the SmartCities.

Antispam service, antivirus and email archiving

Economic Save money on licenses antivirus and antispam, pay for domain, not by user.

Hosting in

the cloud Get the best quality of storage at the best price with guaranteed privacy. Excellent performance thanks to the technology of KVM and Infiniband working in data centers located in Germany. Free trial option for 14 days

Personalized services

    • Personalized technical support

      We take care of you personally and optimize the response time to your requests. You can contact us via phone or email.

Do you need a tailor-made solution?

      • Scalable resources that are adapted to your needs

        Sometimes your application hosting needs may vary over time. For example, a web application can have a small traffic at the beginning and gradually increase its visits or have peaks at specific moments. We put at your disposal servers in the cloud offering resources scalability without having to change the hardware as it would happen in the case of using conventional servers.

      • External cache service

        If you want your website to be faster and offer shorter load times, We can optimize its performance by routing traffic to service external cache that download to your server for a large part of the load generated by your web page requests.