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Antispam service, antivirus and email archiving


Save money on licenses antivirus and antispam. Pay for domain, not for users!

Marinatel Cloud Services markets in the countries of your environment the first service of spam and virus filtering the email that is paid by domain and not by user.

This new type of licensing enables companies and public administrations with more of 50 users very significant savings on your bill of security services.

On the same line, Marinatel has begun to market its service of Archiving email in the cloud with a pay per GB stored rather than per user as it is customary in the competing solutions.

The emails (both output and input ) encrypted and compressed are stored in the cloud, and they are accessible by the users through a simple web interface, with independence if your corporate mail server is functioning or not.

The compression ratio the file is of approximately 5:1 ( i.e. 1.500 GB occupy approximately 300 GB billable storage ). Incoming email can be archived ( incoming ), the outgoing ( outgoing ) and in the case of having a MS Exchange mail server internal mail between users of the Organization. For archiving internal mail must be configured in the MS Exchange the "envelope journaling" that sends a copy of the internal to the external storage mail. Request quote or a free trial during 15 days by sending an email to info@marinatel.net or by calling to the 902 888 000.